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If you or a loved one is suffering from a personal injury you may be entitled to compensation.

Personal injury attorneys can protect you from being taken advantage of by an unscrupulous insurance company. They can negotiate payment from insurance companies and bills from hospitals on your behalf.

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Noone likes to think about it, but accidents happen and since it’s not always possible to avoid them, it’s best be prepared for them.

Five Facts everyone should know to Protect their rights.

Here are five things that you should do in the event of an automobile accident or on someone’s private or public property:




  1.  INSURANCE INFORMATION- always insist on obtaining insurance information from EVERYONE involved.  Copy all information directly from insurance card and drivers license. Write down their license plate and car description. Do not just rely on verbal information.
  2. Call the police.  Sometimes the police wont come out if no one is injured, if you have any injuries, or if you think you may be injured, tell the police to get them to come out.  Also, if the other driver refuses to give you information, tell the police.
  3. Witnesses Look for any witnesses that may have seen your accident and try to get their phone number, EVEN if the police come to the scene.
  4. Photos – If you can and IF IT’S SAFE, while at the scene, take photographs of the damage, vehicles, position of the vehicles.   If it’s unsafe or you are unable, make sure to take pictures of the damage to your car later before it’s repaired.
  5. Injuries and Treatment – If you have any injuries, it’s IMPORTANT for you to go to the hospital AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  Don’t wait just because you don’t have insurance.  Every hospital must check you out for immediate injuries.  So go to the closest hospital.




  1. Photos – If you’ve been injured by a fall, always note if something is on the floor that caused the fall, (for example, water, food, a hole or damage to the floor or sidewalk).  Take a picture BEFORE the owner or store cleans, or fixes dangerous situation.  If you fell in a liquid, note if there was any dirt or debris in the liquid.  Take pictures of any surveillance cameras that are pointing in the direction where you fell.  Take photos of your injuries on the day of the accident 4) take photos of the exact location and surrounding area where your accident happened 5) take photos of the shoes you had on when you fell.
  2. Make a Report – In case of an accident at a store or public location, make an effort to make an official report to the staff and ask for a copy of your report.  If you forgot to report, go to store as soon as posible to inform them.
  3. Write down important information -  Make sure to find out and accurately write down the exact address of the location where you fell.  Get names of any employees that you dealt with. If you were in a store and bought something, keep the receipt of what you bought that day.
  4.  Witnesses – Look for any witnesses that may have seen your accident and try to get their phone number, EVEN if the police come to the scene.  Get the name and phone numbers of employees you speak with at premises.
  5. Injuries and Medical Attention –  Remember, you don’t always feel the injury at the time of the accident. Try to ask for medical attention if you feel you may have an injury. If you’ve received any medical services in relation to the incident, write down all of the pertinent information regarding your visits (Visit date, Name and address of Doctor and office, the results of your visit).  Put all of your notes and records in a central file so that they’re easy to bring to your Attorney consultation.

Do Not Delay! – Remember the more time that passes the more difficult it will be to effectively start a claim and protect your legal rights.  Since a call or a consultation to your attorney is free, don’t hesitate to call us andso that we can direct you on how to proceed in this difficult time.

Good health is a priority and essential for you and your families survival.  DO NOT HESITATE IN PROTECTING YOUR RIGHTS!


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